Soma is a spa studio with the intention to create a space for clients to relax, refresh and reconnect. Our spa was built with inspirations of minimalistic textures, modern design and accents of Turkish patterns. See our space

Soma strongly believes that the 3 R’s are the secret to living a well balanced lifestyle. Relaxing – the mind, body, and spirit will allow your whole self to stay refreshed and constantly aware. With the mind, body and spirit refreshed – you are stronger to take on everyday challenges while still maintaining a connection with who you are. With constant reconnection – your mind, body and spirit will always be in perfect balance. 

Here at soma our treatments are curated to cater to your well-being. Our highest priority is making sure after experiencing our treatment you walk away reflecting our motto: relaxed, refreshed and reconnected. Soma isn’t just a spa it’s a lifestyle of complete solidarity within your inner and outer self.