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6 Major Things That Might Cause You To Breakout

6 Major things that Might Cause you to Breakout

In this day and age we are moving 100 km/h. We absorb our surroundings through our senses the major one being, touch. Touch allows us to feel a number of textiles and create a sense of connection with tangible and intangible items.

That being said if you were to stop and really think about how many things you touch in a day what do you think that number is? Based on a number of articles it states that door knobs, refrigerator doors, keyboards, elevator buttons and sinks are the dirtiest items. Now imagine how many times you touch your face?


This is our list of 6 major things that might cause you to breakout.

  1. CELLPHONE –  We get it you have to bring your phone with you everywhere. It sits on your desk, might fall on the ground, sit at the bottom of your purse. Cellphones transfer bacteria onto your face when you talk on the phone. Ladies have you noticed after a long conversation there is a make-up residue remaining on your phone? Take the extra step and just wipe your face and take the necessary precautions to combat those acne-causing bacteria.
  2. STRESS – An increase of cortisol (stress hormone) within the body causes a influx in and outside of the body. Ultimately this hormone triggers a chain reaction increasing blood pressure, decreases your immunity making it more likely to fall under common colds. If you suffer from other skin concerns such as eczema or rosacea it can actually cause them to flare up even further. Keep the stress at bay.
  3. TOUCHING – Stop touching your face! We have mentioned this in previous posts! Avoid touching your face to avoid potential breakouts. Especially if there are already pimples stop picking, popping and patting. As you touch and irritate the skin it may cause these pimples to burst but open up and allow acne causing bacteria to spread not to mention risk of scarring. Use q-tips and cotton pads and not your finger tips.
  4. JUNK FOOD – Food is a major role in how the natural oils in your skin develop. In a previous post we mentioned sebum. Long story short sebum is the natural oil that lubricates and protects the skin. But eating an over excessive amount of fatty foods causes an overproduction of sebum and cause the potential of oilier looking skin and clogged pores.
  5. SLEEPING WITH MAKE UP ON – Not allowing your skin to rest and regenerate over night causes a lot of problems. Ultimately the make up left over night clogs pores and increases the likelihood of break outs. Your skin can’t breathe and dead skin just sits on the face and creates congestion. Of course there is the likelihood of aging your skin further and make up transfer onto your pillow cases. So if you do remember to take off your make-up the next day there is still residue remaining on your pillowcase that can be transferred to your clean face.
  6. PORE CLOGGING INGREDIENTS IN YOUR SKIN CARE – Be sure you’re doing your research but some skin care products have pore clogging ingredients. Ingredients such as silicone congest the skin and doesn’t allow the skin to breathe. This can cause unwanted breakouts especially when you’re trying to prevent it.