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Spring Tips And Tricks

Spring Tips and Tricks

We are constantly encouraging everyone to transition their skin care regiments from Winter to Spring. But sometimes you don’t know where to start. It is important to know what does and doesn’t work for your skin. Especially during mid-season transitions it might get pricey to be trying so many skin care products. Glowing and healthy skin doesn’t have to be expensive.

Here are a few Spring Tips and Tricks

  1. Ladies this one is for you. Making sure you clean your make up brushes regularly is vital come the Spring and Summer months. Especially with warmer days ahead it is more likely for bacteria to grow. Also switching to lighter formula of foundation or cover up. Lightning up the make up can avoid blocked pores and random flares and break
  2. Check the expiry date. Quality skin care products are hard to come by and can be expensive. But that being said it also only works if it is within it’s shelf life. It can also avoid the potential of your skin having a terrible reaction.
  3. Start off by exfoliating. Removing all that dead skin with a rough sponge/brush and lights pressure. It will allow for healthy skin cells to grow and have a smoother texture.
  4. Switch your moisturizer to a lighter base. It will help keep your skin hydrated. A fun tip is also mixing in some sunscreen and kill 2 birds with 1 stone.
  5. Lastly one tip you might not have considered is your diet. Try incorporating more fruits and veggies in your meals. It will improve your immune system from fluctuating temperatures and overall health and recovery.
  6. Drinking more water. There are a number of reasons that might dehydrate or cause excessive sweating such as sports, outdoor activities, or alcoholic beverages. Drinking more water can make sure you are hydrating the skin from the inside out.
    4102673364_a87d9fdc9f_bTry looking at reviews on products before purchasing. Even asking friends and family with similar skin types as you what products they use. Taking advantage of samples as well can allow your skin to get a feel of a potential skincare product without breaking the bank. Not to mention consultations with professionals are there for a reason. Getting a one on one with an expert is a huge opportunity to get all your skin care questions answered. (Majority of them are free) A lot of these opportunities are free and will allow you to educate yourself without committing your bank account.