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When Did You Wash Your Make-Up Brush Last?

When did you wash your Make-Up Brush Last?

If you’re committed to your skincare routine and follow with a make-up routine would it be too forward to ask when was the last time you washed your make-up brush? Not to gross you out but bacteria live off of your brushes. Many a times many women don’t realize that not cleaning your brushes regularly is what’s causing your break outs. 

I watched a video on Buzzfeed of their staff getting their make-up brushes tested. (Watch the video here.) Let’s just say the results are a little eye opening…

Photo by Lifehacker

Alternatively consumers are bombarded with expensive brush cleaners and then expected to clean weekly? Make-up is a lot of money and generally the shelf life of some make-up range from 3-6 months. That being said when you’ve dished out the coin can you really just throw it away because there is bacteria growing on it? This is where “out of sight out of mind” comes in.

When did you wash your Make-Up Brush Last?

  1. Not cleaning your brushes regularly could results in BREAK OUTS. Many women don’t realize you use your make up sometimes twice or three times a day. Brushes carry bacteria linked to strep throat, gastrointestinal problems and strep throat. (Don’t believe us check the video above!^) And remember you’re constantly brushing and mixing product on your face.
  2. Secondly NEVER SHARE BRUSHES. As a women we forget our brushes or we’re in a rush. But you are not in control of when your friends clean their brushes. Committing to exfoliating and masking is a waste of time if you’re exposing your skin to bacteria from other peoples make-up brushes.
  3. Dirty Brushes can actually waste your product. Without a clean brush to pick-up your powder or blush, it will just clump up. And no body wants a streaky application.
  4. Dirty Brushes can irritate the skin. For instance if you’re using a gel liner and you don’t clean your angled brush regularly, build up of gel can naturally irritate or scratch the eyes.
  5. Brushes are expensive. So take care of them they are an investment. Based on the fibres of your brushes cleaning them regularly will maintain it’s shape and thickness.
  6. Alternatively you don’t have to purchase recommended brush cleaning liquid. Baby shampoo or soap and using the palm of your hand is fine. Making sure to use sensitive soaps to avoid damaging your brushes.

All we are saying is clean your brushes more frequently. It takes less than 5 minutes and will save you money and days of trying to get rid of that pimple on your cheek or unexpected breakouts.