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Facials 101

Facials 101

Facials 101

Facials are considered to be one of the ultimate pampering treatments to receive at spas. A major reason why facials are chosen is due to its many skin care benefits. Although it is important to know your skin type before choosing any facial treatment. This is what you need to know about facials; understand how your skin responds to the shift in weather, deal with stress, or the change of hormone levels.

What you Need to Know About Facials

  • You have a skin care professional analyzing your skin and telling you what you need to focus on.
  • You can ask all the questions and pick their brain on recommended skin care products.
  • Clear out dirt, debris and dead skin from your pores as well as cleanse the skin.
  • Many ingredients naturally benefit your skin.
  • Scalp massage help in lymphatic drainage to promote blood circulation.
  • You get qualified aestheticians to use all their professional tools.
  • And the obvious it will relax and de-stress you!



The 5 Facials you Should Know About

  1. Soma Facial: This treatment is known as our introductory facial at the spa. Our soma facial is specifically curated to your skin type. Removing debris and dead skin our certified aesthetician will cleanse your skin, steam and open up your pores and will help your walk away feeling fresh and glowing.
  2. Microdermabrasion Facial: There are a number of different types of“Microdermabrasion” facials. Our microderm has a diamond tip at the end and is a non-invasive procedure that sucks dirt, debris and dead skin, deep within your pores. Microdermabrasions will help you get one step closer to your perfect complexion.
  3. Essential Facial: Calgary weather can be so fickle. As Summer comes to an end and Fall and winter are around the corner cooler temperatures tend to stress out the skin. Our certified aestheticians will hydrate your face with local and profession facial skin care products. Say “good-bye” to the cracked skin feel. For the month of September we are offering our Essential Facial for $89.
  4. Radiance Facial: Our certified aesthetician will give you the one on one your deserve and specifically create the peels and use the necessary products to activate regenerating skin cells. Using organic products will natural allow your skin to naturally firm, fight against wrinkles and fine liens.
  5. Perfecting Peel: This facial will give you the confidence you need. Our perfecting peel treatment is a medical-grade solution. It provides pure liquid exfoliation to quickly rid of blemishes. Customized to soften and illuminate the skin.