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What is a Spa Studio?

Soma is a spa studio with the intention to create a space for clients to relax, refresh and reconnect.  As we are an appointment based studio, we do not have onsite auxilliary facilities such as a hot tub/pool/steam room or separate change room facilities.  All treatments are performed in designated private treatment rooms or in our signature nail area.  Our spa was built with inspirations of minimalistic textures, modern design and accents of Turkish patterns. See our space

How can I book an appointment?

Appointments can be requested via our online booking system or at (587) 471 – 2496.

What time should I arrive on my first appointment?

For your first appointment, it is requested that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment time in order to fill out paperwork.

What if I have special health concerns?

You can address your health concerns through the paperwork given on your first appointment, in which you can state any allergies, medications, skin sensitivities, recent procedures, and any medical conditions. It is also recommended that you consult with your therapist prior to treatment if you have any concerns or questions. We will securely keep this information on file for future reference as well.

What if I need to cancel or make changes to my appointment?

In order to cancel or make changes to your appointment, please call the Soma location where your appointment was booked at. There is also a strict $50 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled within 24 hours of its scheduled time.

What do I wear?

Anything! Prior to skin and massage treatments, therapists will request that you remove your jewelry, undress to your comfortability, and lay under our fresh, clean sheets. Clients having a Hammam treatment are required to wear a bathing suit.

Are gift certificates available from the spa?

Definitely. Gift certificates are available and purchases can be made in person, over the phone or email.

Purchased gift certificates do not expire, however donated gift certificates from charity or social events will have strict expiration dates.

Can I book a group party?

Yes! Soma Hammam & Spa can hold small parties (8-10 people) for birthdays, bachelorette parties, and more. Food and beverages can be purchased as well. You can call Soma Hammam & Spa at (587) 471 – 2496 or email to book.

Where Can I Park?

We have 6 free parking stalls directly in front of the spa within the Marriott hotel parking lot.

Other options:

  • the rest of the Marriott hotel parking lot (paid)
  • street parking along Market Street, 27 Street or Front Street (free)

What is the Spa's Etiquette?

  • Arrive 5 minutes early for your scheduled appointment
  • Be mindful of other guests and keep your voices low (there are always treatments in session)
  • Please turn off or silence your cellphone
  • Please remove your outdoor footwear before entering (we provide a supply of sanitized slippers to all guests)
  • Tell us what you are hoping to achieve from your treatment aesthetic or therapeutic
  • We welcome all questions so please ask as many as you like

Are children allowed at Soma?

We are always happy to book appointments for our kid clientele – inquire at for more details about our kids pedi parties! However children without appointments are strongly encouraged to not attend adult treatments, especially therapeutic treatments such as massages and facials. Children 12 years and under are not permitted in hammam treatments.


How long do facials take?

Facials are approximately 60 minutes, not including checking in and out of the spa.

What type of facial should I get?

If you are booking your first facial, want something customized, or simply looking to maintain your skin, the Soma Facial is recommended. This is our most popular facial!

If you are seeking relief from dryness and dehydration, the Essential Facial is recommended. This facial is essential to Calgarians and leaves the skin fresh, supple, and healthy.

If you would like to reduce redness and sooth inflammation caused by recurring acnes, the Pure Facial is for you. We will help you treat active blemishes and scarring while repairing and rejuvenating the skin’s surface.

Our Radiance Facial is best for clients looking to stimulate their skin’s natural regeneration process, optimize firmness, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Perfect for clients seeking natural anti-aging.


How long do peels take?

A Perfecting Peel ranges from 20 – 30 minutes. However, upgraded peels during facials do not require extra time.

Does the Perfecting Peel require any down time?

The Perfecting Peel does not require any down time, but we highly recommend that you avoid sun exposure, excessive exercise (including swimming), and exfoliating products within 24 hours after your treatment.


How long does microdermabrasion take?

Microdermabrasion are approximately 60 minutes, not including checking in and out.

What type of microdermabrasion machine does Soma use?

Soma uses a micro-diamond tip rather than sand-blasting crystals.

Massages - Only provided at Soma Hammam & Spa

Are massages performed by Registered Massage Therapists?

Yes. An Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) can be requested at the time of booking. All our RMTs are 2200+ hour (or equivalent) registered massage therapists.

Will my insurance cover my massage?

Most insurance policies cover RMT services performed by an RMT at Soma Hammam & Spa, however, every individual policy is different. Please refer to your personal benefits for detailed information on the qualifications necessary for your treatment to be covered.

What type of massage should I get?

If you would like a deep tissue massage, the Athletica RMT (90 minutes) is recommended.

If you would like a relaxing massage, the Requieto RMT (90 minutes) or the Aroma Luxe Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes) are recommended.

If you are on the go and would like a shorter treatment, the Vitalis RMT (30 minutes) is recommended.

If you are a soon to be a mama we recommend experiencing our SoMAMA massage. (60 Minutes).

Hammam - Only provided at Soma Hammam & Spa

What is a hammam?

The Soma Hammam treatments are inspired by the hammam ritual, a Middle Eastern treatment that focuses on full-body cleansing. This is a wet and active treatment performed on a warm stone platform.  A series of scrubbing, soaping, rinsing, and massaging provides deep cleansing and detoxification. Soma Hammam & Spa is the only hammam in Calgary!

Can expectant mothers receive the Hammam?

The Hammam Treatment is performed on a hard heated stone table. Expectant mothers depending on how far along they are, might find this treatment uncomfortable. Please call the spa at 587-471-2496 for further questions and concerns.

Will Insurance cover my Hammam?

A portion of your Hammam treatment is dedicated to receiving a massage, however all Hammam treatments are performed by Certified Aestheticians and will not be covered through Insurance.


3710 Market St SE, Calgary, AB



SUNDAY: Private Parties


Soma offers 6 free parking stalls. If these stalls are occupied please park in the hotel lot and leave your licence plate number at the desk. Do not pay for parking.

Party Bookings

Party bookings of 4 or more people doing 2 or more services are booked through , or call and ask for Kayla.

Copyright © Soma Calgary 2019 - All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Soma Calgary 2019 - All Rights Reserved