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All Hammam treatments cannot be booked online and must be booked over the phone. Please call Soma Hammam and Spa at 587-471-2496 to book or to ask any questions.

Party bookings of 4 or more people doing 2 or more services are booked through

What Is Hammam?

Considered Turkey’s oldest, traditional cleansing ritual, Hammam has evolved through time to become a sought-after spa experience. The ritual draws deep impurities, accelerates blood circulation, releases toxins, and relaxes the mind and body. The heated stone bathing slab increases the body’s temperature, stimulating the immune system and helping the body detoxify. Using natural ingredients, Hammam treatments consist of a cleansing foam wash, invigorating salt scrub, and a moisturizing body massage. Both rejuvenating and relaxing for the mind and body, the Hammam treatment is one of a kind and must be experienced.

Hammam Pricing


The Grande Hammam is a 75-minute rejuvenating treatment that focuses on a full body cleansing experience, and a break from the stressors of the outside world. As you lay down on our heated stone table, your treatment begins with a full body “kese” wash, and then a full body detoxifying sea salt scrub with products sourced from locally and from Vancouver Island. As the treatment moves its focus from the body to the mind you will receive a conditioning relaxing scalp massage and hair wash. The Grande Hammam is finished off with a body butter application. This treatment will make you walk away feeling reinvigorated and your skin feeling soft and hydrated during Calgary’s colder and drier days.


For a more intimate experience shared with a loved one or a friend, both of you will experience a full body cleanse and massage. Taking turns as one person lays on the heated stone, one of you will receive a full body “kese” wash while the other person receives an essential oil footbath. A fun experience to share with your significant other, our certified Aesthetician will give you some privacy as you relax in our Hammam and apply a sea salt scrub exfoliation to each other and yourself. The treatment is finished off with a full body rinse and body butter application. After experiencing our Hammam cleanse we hope you both walk away feeling refreshed and  rejuvenated.


Experience the traditional ritual together. The Hammam’s purpose is to detoxify, relax and purify the body and skin using traditional exfoliation practices developed over centuries. Take turns on the custom-made heated stone slab and let our Hammam Therapists take care of each one of you. Both will enjoy a full body foaming wash, salt scrub exfoliation, and full body butter application. An essential oil inhalation completes the service.
When Booking Your Appointment

*Must bring a bathing suit when receiving any Hammam Treatments. Post treatment changing facilities are provided but hair drying services are not guaranteed.*

A portion of your Hammam treatment is dedicated to receiving a massage, however all Hammam treatments are performed by Certified Aestheticians and will not be covered through Insurance.

If you have any concerns or questions please call the spa at 587-471-2496.

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