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Hydrate! Hyrdate! Hydrate!

Hydrate! Hyrdate! Hydrate!

With Summer around the corner that means longer and hotter days.

With spontaneous weather changes many of us don’t keep track if we are drinking water regularly and when the sun is out we know it’s patio season which means cocktails, wine and beer. But none the less it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t stay hydrated throughout the day.

We will be the first ones to admit that sometimes we forget to drink water throughout the day let alone the “8 glasses” we are supposed to drink. But here might be a few reasons that might help you remember:

  1. Drinking water helps flush out toxins. It does this by sweating regularly when doing extra curricular activities or through the release of urine which fight agains the risk of Urinary Tract infections…Cause those are not fun.
  2. Drinking water in the morning helps boost your immune system and promotes weight loss. Drinking a glass of water in the morning instead of relying on that cup of coffee helps aid in your digestive system, boosts your metabolism, reduces hunger and did we mention it’s fat free, dairy free, gluten free and sugar free?
  3. Helps in fighting sprains and aids in recovery. With proper hydration it keeps your joints lubricated and hydrated. If you’re an athlete your joints and muscles bounce back faster.
  4. Water also helps in clearer and healthier looking skin. Don’t believe us? When you don’t drink water regularly and you sweat it clogs your pores especially if you have oily skin. This means you’re more prone to get acne and the dirt on your face collect.
  5. Feeling sick? Maybe a little hungover? This is your body telling you, it needs more water. After a long night of drinking your body is thirsty. Water also helps in decongestion. Put your face over a hot bowl and let the steam do it’s magic.

So this is our tip to you. Invest in a water bottle because who really wants to pay $1.99 every time you go out for lunch AND it’s environmentally friendly. If you think water is boring…add some fruits; lemon, mint, blackberries and raspberries aid in releasing toxins and will definitely make your water taste a bit better. And if you really don’t have time for that pre-buy flavoured water packets and hide them in your purse or desk. Water is always a better option over coke or coffee.

Stay hydrated #YYC.