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Hydrating Skin – What Is The Difference Between Moisturizer And Cream?

Hydrating Skin – What is the Difference Between Moisturizer and Cream?

Summer is upon us and that shouldn’t be a reason you skimp on your skincare routine. Now is the time to really lay on the sunscreen and protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays.

Moisturizer or Cream

First and foremost hydrating skin is important. Hydrating makes your skin appear healthy, have a natural glow and not to mention feel soft and supple. Following your 15-minute long skin regiment you normally finish off with a moisturizer…or is it a cream? It’s important to protect all the hard work, so which is it; moisturizer or cream?

What is the Difference between Moisturizer and Cream?

Moisturizer is made to specifically restore moisture back into your skin (re-hydrating). Where as creams possess a higher oil content and requires being rubbed into the skin for absorption. With a higher oil content cream is suggested to be applied on at night for example eye cream or anti-aging cream. Cream locks in pores to help maintain the natural oils released from your skin. More importantly depending on your skin type moisturizers will benefit dry skin types more so than oily skin types. In any case it is important to know your skin type so you’re aware of what each product does for your skin.

Yon-ka Products we Recommend:Cream-28


  1. Yon-Ka Creme 28 contains main ingredients that are 90% natural; plant glycerin, olive oil, Vitamin A, E and F and Quintessence Yon-ka essential oils. This creme consists of all natural ingredients designed to protect, hydrate and prevent aging. In addition to hydrating you can apply this creme post sun exposure, after acne treatments that dry out the skin AND help repair sensitive irritated skin. Hence this cream will leave your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.

  2. Phyto-ContourPhyto-Contour aids in firming the skin around the eyes. Benefiting and fighting puffiness, dark circles and milia. If you’re unfamiliar with the term”milia”, milia is caused from clogged pores that appear as a cluster of white spots surrounding the eye. Main ingredients in phyto-contour are 94% natural; rosemary for firming, toning and draining, aloe vera for hydrating, vitamin E as a anti-oxidant and beech bud peptides for restructuring and soothing. As a matter of fact this 2-in-1 creme not only relieves tired eyes but the energizing scent of mint helps decongest sinuses. This creme will make your tired eyes appear revitalized and awake.