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Laundry doing good, one load at a time

Never underestimate the power of clean sheets and towels… It’s the simple things that can make a big difference, especially thanks to Common Good Linens (CMNGD). CMNGD is a local social enterprise that provides linen cleaning services to a number of hospitality businesses in Calgary and Canmore and hires those who may face barriers in securing conventional employment.

Soma Spa is proud to share a partnership with CMNGD, as many necessary towels, cloths and sheets are used on a daily basis at the spa and require regular cleaning. CMNGD supplies weekly linen pick up and delivery services. They also wash, dry, iron and fold the linens so that they are fresh and ready for the next use.

CMNGD has hired employees through several agencies including the Drop-In Centre, Fresh Start Recovery, The Alex and the Mustard Seed. These employees have been without proper identification, mailing address, bank account, Internet access or phone, barriers that would prospectively reduce the likelihood of being hired for other positions. The goal of CMNGD is to help overcome these barriers and supply mentorship, training and sustainable employment to those in need. Currently, CMNGD has compensated over 12,000 hours at a living wage in Calgary.

CMNGD is also environmentally conscious by using food waste to create biofuel, combined with solar technology to heat the water.

Other businesses that make use of CMNGD’s valuable services include hotels, restaurants, events, spas and fitness facilities. CMNGD’s future goal is to expand to other cities through out Canada. Soma is proud to partner with an organization that continually contributes to the community and the wellbeing of others in such a positive way.