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New Year Wellness Necessities: Making Self-Care A Part Of Your 2019 Mantra

It’s a new year… Let’s start it off right by adding self-care to your 2019 mantra! Self-care isn’t something you do once and check it off the list. It’s the constant repetition and addition of positive little habits that can be practiced regularly to help uplift the state of your body, mind and soul.Stresses in life can add up overtime and take a significant toll on your well-being. Adding simple acts of self-care allows an opportunity for you to check in with your physical and mental health to determine how you are doing. We’ve put together a list of much-loved Soma products and treatments to encourage you to incorporate more self-care into your lifestyle.

Treat Yourself To A Soma Massage Membership

Your mind and body deserve a break! With a Soma Massage Membership, you can look forward to one 60-minute massage per month at a preferred rate of $69. That means guaranteed time to let your body rest and let go. Up to three family members can also receive a massage at this preferred rate.

Refresh Your Skin With Lowen’s ‘Get Buff’ Vegan Exfoliating Facial Cleanser

Show your skin some love by building an at home skincare routine. Lowen’s ‘Get Buff’ exfoliator is made locally with organic and fair-trade ingredients. It is a coconut-based cleanser that contains crushed walnut husks to act as a mild dermabrasion agent. The formula is gentle enough to use on a daily basis and will keep your skin feeling refreshed and polished everyday.

Pamper Your Lips With Glo Skin Beauty Lip Stick

Applying new lipstick is something to smile about. Glo Skin Beauty Lipstick is a creamy, long-lasting lipstick formula that includes an exclusive blend of antioxidant vitamins A, C, E, green tea extract, and titanium dioxide. This makeup blend nourishes the lips while adding a natural UV shield to keep lips looking and feeling hydrated and healthy. The Glo Skin Beauty wellness line is available to test and purchase at Soma!

Look Radiant With A Glow Facial

The ‘Glow Facial’ is Soma’s newest treatment that is a cost and time effective way care for your skin. During this 30-minute facial, you will receive a skin analysis by one of our certified aestheticians to determine the current state of you skin. This treatment also includes a gentle exfoliationwith a natural walnut shell scrub, followed by a gommage soft peel, facial steam and a witch hazel toner application. This treatment is a great way to learn about your own skin and be introduced to Soma facials. Your skin lasts a lifetime so it’s important to be proactive and look after it!

Use Soma Signature Essential Oil To Uplift Your Spirit

Essential oils can be used to both sooth and calm your body through aromatherapy and topical application. At Soma, we use a custom, pure blend of lavender, bergamot, juniper, and ylang ylang in all our facial and body treatments. We carry small bottles of our signature blend available to purchase at Soma. To use, simply put it in your diffuser at home, apply a few drops on a pillow before bed, or carry it on the go to remind you to take a breath and relax.

Put Your Best Foot Forward With A Soma Pedicure

Feet don’t always get as much care and attention when compared to other parts of your body such as your hands and face. Pamper yourself and put your best foot forward with a Soma Pedicure. This includes extensive cuticle work, a nail trim and shape, a vigorous fruit scrub to exfoliate, and a relaxing foot massage to help to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. Don’t forget adding your favourite colour of polish to top it all off!

Start practicing self-care and schedule your next Soma appointment online here. Starting January 28, Soma will be open Mondays from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information on Soma Spa, please visit or give us a call at 587-471-2496.