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Protecting Your Skin

Protecting your Skin

Peel away to a fresher complexion – many people love the freshly scrubbed, clean feeling that a mechanical exfoliation brings. However, some skin types are ultra sensitive and their skin already takes a beating from the dry air in Calgary. We suggest trying a chemical peel to remove dead, dry skin to allow it to breathe better.
Glycolic and Kojic acids can be overwhelming but with the right aesthetician these acids will help brighten the skin without stripping the natural moisture barrier. We offer a few treatments such as the Soma Facial or Perfecting Peel to get the job done.

Minimize the Redness

Roacea and facial inflammation are at an all-time high coming out of the winter months. Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Therapy can minimize red undertones caused by dilated capillaries. Attracted to oxyhemoglobin found in vessels, the light heats up the vessel and then collapses them. IPL can also reverse sun damage within a few treatments with little downtime. (Link to Laura Mora’s IPL Treatments— she rents at Soma)
Source out Professionals — there is nothing better than treating yourself to regular skin treatments as professional exfoliation, peels, facials, laser, and quality products are key to keeping your skin oxygenated, blemish-free and supple. And, there is a whole new world of professional treatments available to help dissolve cell build up, deep clean pores, and protect your skin.
A little pampering and a little prevention every month goes a long way!