Reflexology at Soma

Reflexology at Soma

Reflexology is a deep relaxation practice designed to relieve stress, improve blood flow, and build the lymphatic and immune systems of the body. It promotes a balance of the mind and body to enhance energy through stimulation of the nerves.

Each treatment starts with a detoxifying foot bath to revitalize your feet and increase blood circulation. A consultation to determine your unique treatment needs is followed by the targeted application of pressure from your knees to your toes. With a customized essential oil blend, Taiwanese and Japanese massage techniques soothe tired feet while rejuvenating the body.

Reflexology Pricing


  •  $55
  • 30 minutes

Performed at Pedicure Stations


  •  $75
  • 60 minutes

Performed in Treatment Room


  •  $20
  • 15 minutes

Foot reflexology added to any massage treatment

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