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Skin Care For Mountain Climates

Living on the outskirts of the Canadian Rockies means endless mountains and amazing views, but it also means learning to combat cold and dry conditions. In a place where we can have all 4 seasons wrapped into one, it’s important to treat your skin to a little extra TLC.

Here are some of our favourite products to help keep your skin soft and glowing, no matter the weather:

Exfoliating Stone Bar -Stone Bars are locally made, cruelty-free, and will leave your skin feeling incredibly clean and exfoliated without drying it out. Escape to the woods with the cedar and fir smells of the OG Stone Bar or take a trip to the beach with the AQUA Stone Bar. Making exfoliation a regular part of your routine helps even out skin tone and improves overall texture.

Salt Body Polish -Using this coffee, peppermint, and vanilla scrub comes with a long list of benefits including improved blood circulation, reduced inflammation, and improved skin tone. The salt helps with exfoliation while the addition of coconut oil leaves your skin soft, ultra-hydrated, and ready to tackle any weather. Smell delicious and feel good knowing this product is cruelty-free and locally made!

Lowen’s Butter Balm -This vegan and locally-made butter balm is a hidden gem among skin conditioners. Completely free of petrochemicals, artificial preservatives, colorants, or scenting agents, there is no dry skin it can’t handle. Use it on cuticles, knuckles, heels, tattoos, chaffing and more – it’s even safe to use on your pet’s little paws!

Yonka Cleansing Gel for Face and Eyes -Remove your makeup and gently cleanse your skin at the same time with this 2-in-1 foaming gel. Enriched with iris root and red seaweed, it softens, hydrates, and purifies without the harsh actions of soap. Your skin will be refreshed and squeaky clean without ever feeling dry.

**Along with soft and glowing skin, we want you to keep that skin safe. So don’t forget that sunscreen (all year round!)

These skin savers (and more!) can all be found at Soma. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! We are more than happy to help find the perfect product for you.