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Sun-Kissed Skin

Sun-Kissed Skin

Stampede is the kick off event of the Summer and that means longer days out in the sun! Whether or not you’re spending your days on the grounds or drinking on a patio you’re spending more time out and about and that means proper skin care. As a Calgarian we are guilty of forgetting our sunscreen. But with constant weather change our skin is constantly having to adapt, so proper skin care is important to prevent burns, skin discolouration, aging and possible skin cancers. The skin is our largest organ and we need to guard it best we can.


So if you’re struggling to find simple ways to take care of your skin. Here are a few of our go to tips to protect your skin:


    A lot of factors play into internal dehydration such as the Summer heat, drinking, and outdoor activities just to name a few or the combination of the three. Remember to drink at least 8 glasses of water to flush out the toxins and your body is able to hydrate and counterbalance the caffeine, liquor and mini-doughnuts.


    We know exfoliating is just another skin regiment to add to your morning ritual… but it is necessary! Body washes have made it a bit more efficient by integrating exfoliating beads! Why exfoliate? Exfoliating helps removed dead skin and debris from your body, allowing new skin to grow and absorb moisturizers keeping your skin from cracking.


    We’ve heard it all “I don’t burn”, “I don’t need it,” “I’ll put it on later” and let us be the first to tell you, YOU NEED SUNSCREEN. Avoid being the Summer meme and the horrid farmers tan. If you’re planning a trip outdoors, sunscreen is the first thing that you pack. If the activity involves water the sun rays will reflect off the water and is more likely to burn you. When in doubt apply and then re-apply head to toe. Ladies be sure to find make-up that contains 10-15 SPF in your face creams and moisturizers. It will help reduce wrinkles and discolouration of the skin.


    Forget to do Step 3? It’s too late and the damage is literally done. If you’re waking up out in the sun and realize you forgot the sunscreen, act fast. Even though your skin isn’t red or peeling it is about too. Cool down your skin, take a quick cold shower and apply cold compress on areas that were exposed to the sun the longest. Moisturize your skin and hydrate it (avoid vaseline as it is known to trap heat and could potentially make it worse). Drink a lot and we don’t mean alcohol (as it will dehydrate you) we mean water! If the peeling occurs apply aloe vera on the area to help relieve discomfort and pain. Be sure to check the ingredient list when buying products that contain aloe, at times there is only a small percentage of aloe when the product claims it is 100% aloe.


    Don’t forget your hats and sunglasses. For the ladies Summer is the perfect time to take out your wide-brimmed floppy hats, gentlemen visors are your best friend. Not only is it a fashion accessory but a great protective layer from the sun! Sunglasses will also help protect your eyes and face from the sun! Out at a beach or drinking at a patio? Find an umbrella that will fight against the hot sun and overheating.


By following just a few of these sun preventing tips you’ll be doing your skin a favour. With less time tending to those burns is more time spent out on the Stampede Grounds.

Happy #Stampede #YYC.