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The 911 for Puffy Eyes

It’s not just you, it’s everyone. Seeing over 300 people a month for facials, you get to know the trends in what people are most concerned about. Puffiness and dark circles under the eyes is a reoccurring concern. To be completely honest, much of it is genetic. However, we can treat eye bags and dark circles in the treatment room and at home. Here are some things that we have tried recently to help tame puffy eyes and reduce dark circles.

  1. Cool the area. With natural ingredients at home, take 2 cooled tea bags and place on your eyes. Ensure that you cover the puffiness below the eyes as well. You can also use a cold spoon or cucumbers. After 10 minutes, massage an eye cream with Vitamin K in it. Vitamin K is one of the best ingredients to take away dark circles away.
  2. Gadgets. We have tried this little vibrating gadget called the Sonic Depuffer.. In all honestly, it does not take away puffiness. However, it feels pretty good if you like a soft vibrating sensation close to your eyes. Use the depuffer and swoop up and away starting at the inner corner underneath your eye.
  3. Eye patches. We are still testing these out. We love the concept of them, but are still testing the best ones to sell retail. We promise, they will be coming soon to Soma!
  4. Stress Positive Eye Lift + Total Eye Care by Dermalogica. If your’e serious and diligent about using creams and have a good day and night routine down, we highly recommend using these eye creams. Use The Stress Positive Eye Lift at night. It’s cooling, minimizes puffiness and dark circles and helps to strengthen the delicate skin around the eyes. During the day, Total Eye Care with SPF 15 is the total package. Containing alpha hydroxy acids, plant extracts, light diffusers, and a chemical-free sunscreen, it’s your all in one eye cream. The only thing with topical treatments, is that you have to be religious about it. Use them day and night and try not to skip a day!