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Does Working Out Benefit Your Skin?

Does Working Out Benefit your Skin?

The major reason as to why so many start exercising is improving your overall health. As well as changing your lifestyle in a more positive direction. Dropping the pounds is always a great benefit but many don’t start working out to clear up your skin problems. But keeping up a regular work out routine could not only change your figure but the appearance of your skin. So we ask the question does working out benefit your skin? and if so how?

Does Working Out Benefit your Skin?

Working out will slowly alter your bodies mechanics. Changing your respiratory system furthermore increases blood circulation carrying more oxygen to the rest of your body. As you’ve read from previous blog posts skin also benefits when you take care of your body from the inside out.

  • The overall appearance of your skin will begin to glow and radiate as you work our and drink more water. As you sweat your body will naturally thirst for more water. And like we’ve said water is the key to your skin looking and feeling hydrated.
  • Reduce the chances of pre-mature wrinkles
  • Working out will tire you physically. That means with proper rest and adding hours to your sleep will let your skin regenerate and heal itself.
  • Reduces the chances of acne break outs.


Skin Care Regime Post Exercise

If you take care of your skin regularly you know to wash your face twice a day morning and night. Alternatively you mask weekly and exfoliate every few days to rid clogged pores and dead skin cell build up. Here are a few skin care tips to carry out as you work out and how to take care of your skin post-workout.

  • When working out remove all that make up. Even if you’re going for a lunch run you want to make sure you skin has room to breathe as you start to sweat. Bring travel size make-up products if you’re headed somewhere post-gym. No one wants a post face covered in both sweat and make-up.
  • Avoid touching your face when using multiple pieces of equipment. Moving from weights to mat work remember your sweating a number other athletes. Avoid touching your face to reduce the spread of germs and bacteria. Wash your hands right away!
  • If you’re showering at the gym bring a facial cleanser and moisturizer. Take that extra step and make sure you’re taking care of your skin. Don’t ruin your skin care regime because you forgot to bring skin care products.
  • That being said always wash your face post exercising. It’s important to take off all that sweat to avoid clogging and build up.
  • HYDRATE inside and out! Drink lots of water and make sure you pack a moisturizer with you. Hydrating your skin after an exercise or swim will help replenish your skin cells.

Though all skin types are different those suffering from eczema or psoriasis may have to include further skin care regiments. Talk to your certified aesthetician or dermatologist.

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